"The voice of Sandra Szabo is like an angel's kissed by the devil"​ - Der Spiegel

My name is Sandra Szabo, but I am also known as TheRocketQueen90 on Youtube where I regularly post acoustic covers of great rock songs, along with my original music :)

Before I continue talking about my story and background, I want to start by saying MY NEW ALBUM IS OUT!! In this album, there are more than three years of hard work and passion, full of my heart... I want to thank you so much for listening on Spotify, iTunes, and for purchasing the CD and supporting my work, making this album and future albums possible. 


Since Guns n' Roses was the band that brought me into rock n' roll, I thought the name was adequate, and I took it further continuing making my own versions of (mostly) rock songs. The response from all you guys was - and still is - overwhelming, and after a couple of years working on several collaborations, I moved to California to study at UC Berkeley. While school was important, music has always been #1 in my heart, and I resumed playing guitar doing acoustic covers. It was also here that I wrote Broken, along with other original songs that are on my album "When No One Is Looking".

 I'm a Norwegian-Hungarian singer-songwriter, with a rock n' roll soul! Being born and raised in Norway in the '90s by Hungarian parents, I speak Norwegian, Hungarian and English (and I have an urge to learn Spanish well one day). I was introduced to music early in life as both my parents were traveling musicians before settling down in Norway. Since I was little, music felt natural to me, and I played and tried several instruments such as guitar, drums, keyboard, before realizing that I could express myself with my voice in ways I couldn't before. I met Marcus Greenway in 2005, when he had barely touched a guitar in his life.. But he got interested in music as well and started playing the guitar and doing nothing else for months! Soon, we started playing together and making songs together, founding the band Sandmarx in 2009. Marcus is now one of the most talented musicians and men I know, and he is also my loyal guitarist and producer for all my new songs and albums released under my own name.

In September 2016 I moved to Brighton UK to attend BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music Institute), and I loved everything about it... The city, the people, and the school. I learned so much here, and believe it made me a better person and musician. Now I live in Oslo always working on several music projects and working as a music teacher. I'm also still writing songs with Sandmarx.

Right before I moved to England, in June, I released my first solo album "When No One Is Looking", together with Marcus, and my friends (and very talented musicians) May on drums and percussion, and Camilla on piano! This is very exciting for me, I'm so happy with the entire album! These songs are very personal, very close to my heart, and I'm expressing myself in a whole new way. You can buy the digital version of the album, and order the CD or custom USB-stick in my store! :D

I have been working for a long time on a new album, and I'm so excited to finally have released it! Five singles from the album were released beforehand; "Breathing Water", "I Sold My Soul To Rock N' Roll", "Little Whisper", "Funeral", "Ghost Away" and "One Word - Sorry" are out on YouTube, Spotify, and basically on all other platforms where music is played... And now that the full album is out, I am so proud and excited, and I really hope you take a listen and enjoy it as well. You can also watch music videos and teasers on my YouTube channel! I'm very glad to be working with the amazing musicians Marcus Greenway and Kev Hickman on this album.

I have also released so many covers... Many of them are available on Spotify, and all of them can be bought from my webstore! I make homemade CD's out of these cover albums, and personalize each and everyone, so go and check them out ;) I also have a Patreon page where you can support my work and suggest songs, get music and updates every month. When you buy from my webstore or join my patreon page, you support my work and enable me to continue making music. I am forever grateful for that! <3


You can follow me on social media to see what I do daily!

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